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We believe that resolution of certain issues are fundamental in restoring our country to its path and a prosperous future to the next generations:


  • We believe in the Equality of all women in all institutions;
  • We believe in the tolerance of religion and the practice thereof;
  • We believe that access to health care is a human right that any progressive government should protect;
  • That the “War on Drugs” has failed, that alcohol and drug addiction are health problems and should be treated no less by all levels of government, that only a shift in our society’s perspective can fundamentally enable these diseases to be successfully diminished in the future together as we have accomplished with other diseases that once threatened all Americans.


That the ability of the “fourth estate”, the bureaucracy of the Federal government to mitigate or frustrate the execution and administration of federal law as passed by the United States Congress is inexcusable and must be corrected. The will of the voters through their elected official’s is fundamental and must not be exasperated by the Republic or its employees.


We believe in small business and its ability to provide jobs, to lead innovation and provide opportunity. The backbone of the U.S. economy remains to be American small business. Small businesses have been the major source of jobs and new opportunities for this century and the last. Yet the survival of small business continues to become harder. The formation of capital by small businesses continues to diminish from government over-regulation and excessive industry oversight.


We believe the United States Congress and President must re-evaluate what seems to be their lackluster support towards small business and reassure that the opportunities provided through their legislation are achieved by the agencies entrusted to assure enactment. To this end, the JOBS Act of 2012 must be enacted fully by 2016 by the SEC and the agency held accountable by Congress and America if it is not. To reinvigorate the American economy means to expand the ability for capital formation and financing for small businesses.


It is our mission as the Foundation For a Greater America to accomplish these goals and seek to grow as a grassroots organization of independent men and women throughout America and to reach every community to support our “unalienable rights”.



Our Mission


The Foundation For a Greater America (FFAGA) is dedicated to the proposition that the "unalienable rights" of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as identified in the United States Declaration of Independence and whose spirit is embodied in the Civil Rights of the Constitution of the United States, were given to all human beings by their Creator, and for which governments are created to protect. We believe that these principles are fundamental and not open to compromise and that any encroachment or limitation by government or private enterprise is intolerable. We are a group of citizens, men and women, who believe in these principles and through our association, are dedicated to defend our rights whenever necessary and possible.